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Glossary of Slang Terms

**Please note that this glossary is by no means complete. New terms will continuously be created, whilst others will become obsolete. There will also be local variations of some of these terms.

Remember - many of these terms / slang can often refer to activities totally unrelated to drug use so do not conclude that drugs or drug use is being referred to on the basis of this glossary alone.

Acid – LSD
Acid Head – LSD user
Back Flush – to wash out a syringe with blood
Bag – container for drugs, usually paper fold of heroin
Bang – to inject drugs (as in bang up heroin)
Barrel – syringe
Blanks – poor quality drugs
Blow – cannabis, cocaine, heroin
Bombed out – under the influence of drugs
Brown Sugar – heroin
Bum Trip/Bummer – no good, unpleasant
Burn – a rip-off or fraud
Bust – to execute a search warrant
Buzz – pleasurable sensation or high from drugs
C – cocaine
Carrier – supplier of drugs; usually someone who delivers drugs for someone else
Charlie – cocaine
Chasing the Dragon – smoking heroin
Clean – to achieve drug-free state
Coke – cocaine
Cold Turkey – withdrawal from drugs, usually without medical help
Come down – withdrawal effects
Come off – stop taking drugs
Cook up – prepare drugs for injection
Crack – cocaine in a form for smoking
Crash/Crash out – to pass out, to go to sleep
Cut – to dilute powdered drugs by adding an inert substance to increase bulk
DS – drug squad
Dabble – using small irregular amounts of drugs in a non-dependent manner
Deal – buy or sell drugs; name for the purchased drugs
Dealer – seller of drugs
Detox – coming off drugs
DF’s – DF118 (Dihydrocodeine tablets)
Dope – a drug, specifically cannabis, or in some areas heroin
Dragon – heroin
Draw – to smoke a drug by chasing, especially heroin
Drop – take LSD
Drying out – detoxing from drugs, usually alcohol
E – ecstasy
Ecstasy – MDMA
ESB – Ecstasy
Fix – injection
Flake out – to lose consciousness
Flints – small container of crack cocaine rocks
Flushing – drawing blood back into syringe or cleaning syringe with needle
Fold – small paper fold containing deal of a drug, usually heroin
Freak out – psychedelic experience, used loosely to mean a wild time
Free Basing – method of smoking cocaine
Ganja – cannabis
Gear – a drug, usually heroin
Go Down – receive a prison sentence
Goof ( off ) – doze off after taking a drug, usually heroin
Grass – cannabis
H – heroin
Hash/Hashish – cannabis resin
Hemp - cannabis
Hep – Hepatitis
Herb – cannabis
High – feeling good, in a state of euphoria
Hit/Hit-Up – to inject drugs
Hooked – physically or psychologically dependent
Horse – heroin
Joint – cannabis cigarette
Junkie – drug taker/drug addict, usually to heroin
Kicking – to abandon a drug habit
Leb – cannabis resin, allegedly from the Lebanon
Mainline – to inject drugs intravenously
Mickey Finn – various cocktails of drugs and alcohol
Microdot – tiny tablet containing LSD
Molly – methadone
Monkey – morphine
Moroccan – cannabis resin allegedly from Morocco
Nicked – arrested
OD – overdose
Out of it – feeling strongly the effects of heroin or other drugs
Phy – Physeptone (brand name for methadone)
Poppers – Alkyl Nitrites including Amyl and Butyl
Pot – cannabis
Pusher – dealer of drugs
Reefer – cannabis cigarette
Rehab – residential rehabilitation house for drug misusers
Resin – cannabis
Rip off – a con, swindle or bad deal in the drugs world
Roach – home-made filter for cannabis cigarette, usually small piece of rolled up cardboard
Rocks – heroin, also cocaine
Rush – immediate pleasurable effect from an injection
Score – buy drugs
Script – prescription
Shit – cannabis or heroin (depending on local slang)
Shooting gallery – place for communal injection
Shoot up – inject drugs
Skag – heroin
Skin Popping – subcutaneous injection or intra dermal, i.e. injecting under the skin
Skins – cigarette papers
Smack – heroin
Snort – to sniff drugs, i.e. to inhale through the nose
Snow – cocaine
Snowball – injection cocktail of heroin and cocaine
Speedball – injection cocktail of heroin and amphetamine
Speedbomb – wrap of amphetamine taken with liquid
Speed – amphetamine
Spike – hypodermic needle
Spliff – cannabis cigarette
Stash – to hide, also reserve stock of drugs
Stoned – under the influence of drugs
Strung Out – suffering from the effects of heroin withdrawal
Tab – tablet, particularly LSD
Take a trip – take LSD
Tea – cannabis
Toke – to smoke cannabis
Track marks – scars left by continuous/regular injections of drugs
Trip – effects of LSD
Turn on – injecting heroin(fix)
Upper – amphetamine or other member of the stimulant group of drugs
User – someone who uses drugs, usually taken to mean heroin
Using – taking drugs, usually heroin
Virus – reference to HIV
Wash up – preparing cocaine into crack
Weed – cannabis
White stuff – white powder substances such as cocaine or morphine
Wired – under the influence of drugs
Works – syringe
Wrap – small fold of drugs, usually heroin
XTC – ecstasy (MDMA)
Yokes – ecstasy tablets

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